The Maelstrom Tour

Learn about the wonders, tales and stories of the fishermen, vikings and locals who have passed through the world’s strongest tidal current - and experience nature's strength at its peak with us!

The Maelstrom Tour | 1-2 hours
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In our main experience, The Maelstrom tour, we will tell and show you how the landscape and tidal current have been formed over thousands of years while watching the amazing sights Saltstraumens nature provides at its peak times - from its best spots.

Immerse yourself in tales about the people and Norway's second oldest settlement findings (11.000+ years old!) and the vikings who have lived in the area, including the dramatic story of the local Viking king 'Raud den Rame' and his refusal to turn to Christianity at the hands of Olav Tryggvason.

Join us and take a look at the unique marine conservation area considered a “blue national park”. 

Adult (18+): 200 NOK
Youth (8-17): 50 NOK
Child: Free

Remember to bring clothes suitable for the weather and good shoes.

Duration: ~1-2 hours, depending on your wishes.

Low season 01.09 - 30.04, contact us for questions or booking and we will arrange a great trip that suits you.

Available times for booking vary for each day to coordinate the trips with the strongest times of the tidal current. Check the calendar for the updated times*.

*If the time in the calendar does not suit your travel plans perfectly, contact us and we will do our best to help. We're flexible :)

Use the booking calendar, or contact us through:
Phone: +47 465 29 488