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The 2. World war in Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen is strategically located at the inlet to Bodø and Vestfjorden. It was therefore an important area to gain control of for the occupational forces at the outbreak of World War II in 1940.

Saltstraumen Historielag has developed a war historic trail, and we invite you on a hike where you will see trenches, bunkers, traces of housing barracks for German soldiers. These show how Wehrmacht established defense positions that would prevent English forces from taking control of this important area.


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Saltstraumen is the entrance to the Skjerstad Fjord and thus became a strategic point for the occupation force to gain control at the outbreak of world war II in 1940. During the war, two coastal forts were built to defend Vestfjorden, and today it is Bodø’s biggest war memorial.

The path we walk is easy. And you will see traces of the old German soldier housing, garage facilities, trenches and bunkers showing how Wehrmacht established defense positions that should prevent English forces from taking control of the area and protect the entrance to the Skjerstad fjord. You will hear stories from that time and how it impacted the locals in Saltstraumen.

Do you want to book, have any questions or need help to arrange transport, call us at 0047 465 29 488 and we will do our best to help find a solution.Where to meet: Meet 15 minutes before the tour starts at the information point right next to the parking area under the Saltstraumen bridge.

Remember to bring clothes suitable for the weather and good shoes.

Duration: 1 hour

Adult: 200 NOK
Children: 50 NOK