The Complete Travel Through Time

Saltstraumen is known to most people as a natural attraction; The world's strongest tidal current. Saltstraumen, however, has so much more to offer. We invite you to stay a little longer.

15.000 years in 3 days

Saltstraumen is known to most people as a natural attraction; The world's strongest tidal current. Saltstraumen, however, has much more to offer. We are a group of six local tourist companies who, in collaboration with Visit Bodø, invite you to stay a little longer for the most complete experience of Saltstraumen there is.


We have created a 3-day program that consists of great hosts, uniquely cooked local food and accommodation, guided historical and natural experiences, hikes and fishing.


Contact us and we will create a unique experience like no other, tailored just for you and your group!


Check in at "your home in Saltstraumen": Saltstraumen Camping or Saltstraumen hotel (or park your motorhome) and try parts or all of this experience program like no other.


Accomodations through

Every day you can;

Explore the good hiking opportunities in Saltstraumen on your own or with a professional guide. We have many marked hiking trails; marked trail up in Åselidalen or up to Valnesfossen (Bodø's tallest waterfall) and free fishing along the mountains in the entire Saltstraumen area. You can also fish in Valnesvatnet with a fishing license.


You will get great local food at:

Kjelen Kafé, which serves local traditional fish dishes, small dishes and their specialty Møsbrømlefse.

Saltstraumen Hotel serves real, homemade dinners based on local and short-distance ingredients. Sustainable breakfast is served every day during the summer season, and a good lunch plate or northern Norwegian fish soup can often be found on the lunch menu. Fresh saithe and tender whale meat taste good for dinner, and on Sundays delicious salted meat with homemade root mash is always served. Saltstraumen Hotel is certified as an Environmental Lighthouse, and has a strong focus on sustainability and the use of local producers.

Tasty and unique Stone Age food is prepared, presented and served in an exclusive way at Tuvsjyen.


The 3-day program:


Day 1: A day in the ice age and the Stone Age (approx. 10,000 - 15,000 years ago)

Guided tour with Saltstraumen Stories in the geology trail at Åselistraumen which shows how the ice has shaped the landscape almost 15,000 years ago - and the traces of the Caledonian mountain range that was formed when Europe and America collided!

Trip in the Stone Age trail on Tuvlia (Norway's second oldest settlement finder than 11,000 years old). The trail can be walked on your own. Parking to the left of the coastal highway after the exit towards Misvær

Stone Age lunch with activities at Tuvsjyen.
Land uplifts, landscape and life below sea level - Snorkeling course with Nord og Ne.


Day 2: On the trail of the Saltstraumen Vikings (over 1000 years ago)

Guided tour across Straumøya to three of Norway's largest ship graves.
Attendance at Saltstraumen Museum, where you will also hear the story of our local Viking chief Raud den Rame and the plans for the construction of an authentic Viking house: "Skåla fra Skålbones"

From here we can also take a walk through the Iron Age trail from the museum to Ripnes and Saltbrygga, where Arctic Salt is produced.


Day 3: Fishermen, trading places and yachting (400 - 100 years ago)

The story of almost 400 years of production of clipfish, stockfish and cod liver oil including the immense yachting to Bergen with German and Norwegian traders (about 130 - 500 years ago)

Arrangement in Saltstraumen Museum with the local yachting history and a trip to the cod liver oil steaming house in Kapstø. You will of course get to taste the valuable historical snacks.

End the day with a dinner at Tuvsjyen, Kafé Kjelen or the restaurant at Saltstraumen Hotel.


Contact us and we will help you through a complete experience of Saltstraumen's culture, history, local food, nature and experiences. 

Unique stone age food from Tuvsjyen
Kjelen Kafé
Boiler Café seen from a drone